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A film by Veronika Akopova

After a “delicate at 37°C” wash, a new born body tangled in fresh clothes slides out of a washing machine. Oscillating between “pure” and “dirty”, the new being goes through human existential experiences, ending up with a cathartic jubilation of life.

The choreography of Catharsis revolves around two matrices. The first of which is portrayed using the changing physical characteristics of a garment that is passing through a washing machine. The body encapsulates these changes; stretching, swirling, expanding or shrinking; reflecting the path that it took.

The second matrix challenges the concepts of ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ by oscillating between abstract movements, non-representational, considered as “clean” and common gestures, literal, considered as “dirty”.

Tool of purgation of passions

The washing process is presented as an act of interior purification; purification of the soul, a poetic action. The natural tension between dirty and clean develops the choreographic writing mode. Here the “dirtiness” is not necessarily negative; it could be the life experiences and emotions that we accumulate over time. Doing the laundry is to reset, to evacuate. The catharsis refers not only to the object of this piece, but also to the relationship between the piece and the spectator. Apart from all aesthetic concerns, this creation is intended as a tool for the purgation of passions, a huge laundry of feelings. Its purpose is the same as of any piece, which is, according to Aristotle, to provoke in the spectator “a relief accompanied by pleasure”, or catharsis.


short dance film 8'

director, choreographer, dancer Veronika Akopova

Amsterdam - Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival 2017 (Netherlands)
Santiago de Chile - Bestias Danzantes Dance Film Festival 2017 (Chile)
Lisbon - InShadow Lisbon Screendance Festival 2017 (Portugal)

Official selections/Screenings:
Hong Kong - Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2016 (China)
Bucharest - Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2016 (Romania)
Macao - ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival 2016 (China)
Cagliari - Breaking 8 - International Dance Film Festival 2016 (Italy)
Bordeaux - Festival Coupé Court 2017 (France)
Athens - Athens Video Dance Project 2017 (Greece)
Krakow - Dance moments 2017: Dance into the Light - Goethe-Institut (Poland)
Einavegen - RIFF R.E.D International Film Festival 2017 (Norway)
Sfântu Gheorghe - CAMP 2017 (Contemporary Artistic Movement Platform) (Romania)
Barcelona - Choreoscope 2017 (Spain)
Helsinki - Loikka 2018 (Finland)
Gdansk - In Out Festival 2018 Dance/Image (Poland)