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A solo by Veronika Akopova

The choreographic research in the piece Entrelacs aims for a physical translation of human existential experiences through the mechanics of knitting. From one stitch to another, the body follows a meandering course created by the yarn, knitting and unraveling itself, making knots, tending and releasing.

This piece is about the threads existing in our consciousness and in our body: the threads of time, of society, as well as the most primordial threads, such as the umbilical cord, which connected us so to our mothers.

« The desire to make choreography out of knitting comes from my own experience of this activity. I have always been fascinated by this meandering course drawn by simple movements of needles. I wanted to literally bring my knitting on stage. Entrelacs begins a long time before the performance itself, it begins with the first stitch. A video projection shows in an impressionist manner and from my point of view the process of knitting: the loops and knots formed by the thread. The dress knitted especially for the performance is my tangible starting point that unravels afterwards, with this sensation of patience and inevitability. Knitting is not only a model for choreographic movement, but also a metaphor, which is a source of multiple interpretations. What are these threads? Threads of time, of destiny, of life? All that pulls us, connects us, attaches us, all that we can hang on. Do we still need to keep the memory of this thread cut after birth? All that leads me to my favourite subject – mother. » Veronika Akopova

solo 10'

choreography and performance Veronika Akopova
music Adrian Klumpes et Andrei Karasyov
multimedia Florian Goralsky

14, 15 March 2015 (Première): Stuttgart - 19. Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater (Germany)
7 June 2015: Gdansk - Gdansk Dance Festival (Poland)
13-23 November 2015: Stuttgart - Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz (Germany)
Heidelberg - HebelHalle, Kulturhaus UnterwegsTheater (Germany)
Karlsruhe - Tanzfestival Kulturzentrum Tempel (Germany)
Augsburg - Kulturhaus Abraxas (Germany)
Lindau - Stadttheater (Germany)
Regensburg - Regensburger Tanztage/Unitheater (Germany)
Ulm - Stadttheater, Podium (Germany)
7 April 2017: Skopje - Dance Fest Skopje (Macedonia)
27 April 2017: Campo Grande/MS - Semana Pra Dança 2017 (Brazil)
30 April 2017: Salvador da Bahia - Vivadança Festival Internacional (Brazil)
3 May 2017: Curitiba - Mostra Paranaense de Dança (Brazil)
5 May 2017: Natal - Encontro de Dança Contemporânea (Brazil)
12 January 2018 : Paris - Rencontres chorégraphiques - Théâtre Douze (France)
8 June 2018 : Paris - Festival Fait Maison (France)