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Flying bodies across the fields

A piece by Veronika Akopova, Nora Le Guen and Nina Josse

Over the last few years the population of bees has declined considerably. No bees means no plants, no food, and therefore no humans. In order to save the planet the researchers have invented pollinator drones to replace the real bees. The creational function is until now inherently human. What is the place of the human being in a world where drones take responsibility for the primary process of creation?

“Flying bodies across the fields” tries to question this tension between organic and robotics. The music for “Flying bodies” created by the Russian composer Andrei Karasyov, is based on an experimental method that consists of scanning an image to obtain a sound, using a computer code. In “Flying bodies” the composer uses images of beehives. By transforming the sound obtained from the images, the composer seeks to imitate the sounds of nature: bees, birds and cicadas, producing a sound straddling the organic and the synthetic.
The choreographic writing mode is initiated by the observations of Karl von Frisch on the honeybees’ means of communication. They use body language to relay knowledge about feeding places. In his book “Life and manners of bees”, Karl von Frisch defines this language as “dance of bees”. The aesthetic research of the piece is strongly anchored in the floral-bee dynamic interaction and visible in costume design. Red trousers, red flowers on denuded upper body.

trio  40'

choreography and performance Veronika Akopova, Nora Le Guen, Nina Josse
dramaturgy Gwyn Emberton
music Andrei Karasyov
multimedia Florian Goralsky
costumes Jeanne Lébène
drone pilot Bartosz Winiecki

22 april 2018 (Première) : Gdansk - Klub Żak (Poland)