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Veronika Akopova started dancing at the age of five in Moscow. She graduated from Moscow State University and moved to Paris in 2010, where she did a research in the field of poetry and dance at the Sorbonne.
She trained as a dance artist at ACTS School of Contemporary Dance in Paris and the National Dance Center, supported by Adami.
She danced for Iván Pérez in "The Inhabitants", "Impression" and "Becoming" at Dance Theatre Heidelberg in Germany, as well as for the French choreographer Sylvain Groud and the Israeli company C.a.t.a.m.o.n dance group.
She created her first works presented and awarded at international festivals: a solo “Entrelacs” (2015) and a videodance “Catharsis” (2016), then co-directed and choreographed the videodance “Rand()” (2018), commissioned by a Russian organization for contemporary dance.

FFlorian Goralsky is a French director, editor and cinematographer born in Strasbourg in 1990. Until 2012 he worked in Strasbourg on several documentaries, in particular for Arte or the European institutions.
He participated in the creation of the Virtual Reality (VR) pole of the parisian agency neostory (Axxess Group) as an artistic advisor.
He is a director of photography of Veronika's dance film "Catharsis" and a co-director of "Rand()".
In 2019 he also directed a short film "Unstable seasons" in partnership with local institutions in France.